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You can find this section under EPOS in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

This section allows you to add Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems to certain stock locations within the business. You can have any number of tills that you need in each location. Any IRP Admin user is enabled for the EPOS system when they are assigned a shop code under their Admin User Account. For more information on setting this up, see the Admin Users section.

Note that an EPOS user can only operate an EPOS that is based in the same stock location as their user profile.

To view the EPOS till, click the View Till button at the top of the screen. This displays the TillSetup.aspx screen:

IRP EPOS screen screen

EPOS Till Application Settings

The following Application Settings are available for the EPOS till functionality (located within the grouping called 'Till'):

  • Epos Enable Till Pass Code Login: Determines the EPOS till login method. If enabled, the user must enter their retail user code (defined on their Admin User account page) to log in, otherwise a list of users is made available and they simply select who to log in as.
  • Epos Gift Voucher Stock ID: This is a Stock ID set up by the system to represent a Gift Voucher and enables the till to generate gift vouchers. If this is not defined, the till creates inactive Brand, Category, Model and Stock entries automatically on login (if required), and updates the Application Setting.
  • EPOS Show EAN 13 Partcode In Product Information: When enabled the EAN 13 part code will display in the EPOS product information popup.
  • EPOS Show Part Code In Product Information: When enabled the part code will display in the EPOS product information popup.
  • Retail Allow Split Payments: Determines whether Split Payments are allowed on the till. Split Payments are payments by different methods such as Card and Cash, Card and Cheque, etc.

Setting Up An EPOS Till

See the How To article in this section for instructions on setting up an EPOS.

For an overview of the IRP EPOS, see the EPOS Till Features & Requirements help topic.

How To Guides (1)

How To Add or Edit an EPOS

FAQs (1)

Using the Admin, is it possible to see a list of EPOS sales versus online card sales?
Although not visible in the Admin, you could see this breakdown by using a report. If necessary, contact your IRP Account Manager for assistance.
Live Market Data
Today v Yesterday 0.09%
July 2024 v July 2023 11.32%
YTD 2024 v 2023 15.40%
Arts and Crafts 0.11%
Baby & Child 0.24%
Cars and Motorcycling 0.14%
Electrical & Commercial Equipment 0.30%
Fashion Clothing & Accessories 0.04%
Food & Drink 0.30%
Health and Wellbeing 0.30%
Kitchen & Home Appliances 0.02%
Pet Care 0.08%
Sports and Recreation 0.11%
Toys, Games & Collectables 0.17%

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